Creativ Courses


We will show you how to build a creative business in no time

Taught by Award Winning Creatives

We’ve gathered the brightest minds in creative, design, branding, photography, and videography to provide hands on training. 

Creative Business Hacks that Work

Building a successful business takes crucial components that our experts want to share. We’ve got years of experience we want to share. 

Rapid Training that Matters

We have an efficient and simple system that doesn’t require years of experience or a college degree. Your path to success is right around the corner.

Winter Course

Starts Jan 12 2022

  • 8 week course
  • Every Wednesday night at 6pm-8pm
  • Located at Kiln Lehi, Utah

Spring Course

Starts March 23 2022

  • 8 week course
  • Every Wednesday night at 6pm-8pm
  • Located at Kiln Lehi, Utah

Questions? Ask away.

Is this program 100% Free?

Correct. Creatic Academy was created by Weapon Agency as a way to help any interested in design find opportunities to get into the field.

What if I have no experience in the design world?

We all began somewhere. That is the exciting part about Creativ Academy. We will show you the ropes and get you from A to Z.

Is there homework and assignments?

Have no fear. No assignments are required and all of what we do in the world of creative hardly feels like work.

Will there be creative opportunities after the course?

Absolutely. Creativ Academy will help students find opportunities to both build your own business and connect them with exciting brands across the state that are eager to hire young creatives.

Do I need to bring a laptop to the course?

It is recommended that every student bring a laptop to the course. However, if you don't have one, come as you are.

Are the classes available online?

Not yet. Currently Creativ Academy is focused on providing hands on training, in class with a collaborative class setting.